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The Big Chill

“A major survey of federal government scientists commissioned by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), has found that 90% feel they are not allowed to speak freely to the media about the work they do and that, faced with a departmental decision that could harm public health, safety or the environment, nearly as many (86%) would face censure or retaliation for doing so.”


Thank you for your words of honesty.

As a person of today’s CONVENIENCE, I have committed the WORST crime against my planet!!!! For my own convenience, I have polluted the world by supporting toxic companies, through my purchasing power.

At first my actions were due to ignorance….the not knowing of what was really happening.

NOW I/WE KNOW!!!!! and I am still purchasing items that are harmful to the environment for my own convenience!!!!

It’s faster to shop,
I buy into society’s belief that wealth is about money & belongings….

I am unwilling to take the time to provide for myself; ie travel, growing my own food; making my own clothing; utilizing all that I harvest; creating a self sustaining living environment……

I am not ready to go back 100%….and I am working to live as a better steward to our mother Earth!!!! I will use recycled materials as often as possible.


Tools and alternative energies hidden by elites to keep use of fossil fuels, you all are tools, literally ignorant pieces of shit, chemtrails (geoengineering) is ruining the planet and even Canada government says its not happening. Help stop it SUZUKI! I have ringing in my ear ever since chems started the highest pitch deadliest sound you have ever heard and i’d just like to say that we need help. FAST.

Ecology > Economy

If our ecological framework collapses due to climate change then all of the ‘progress’ that we’ve made will mean nothing. Thinking about it in purely economic terms, environmentalism is a good investment because by maintaining a healthy planet you can continue making profit. Besides money is an abstract mode of exchange, hyper-accumulation of profits, making more money than you could ever spend therefore is illogical. Finally, the earth and its systems of weather/biosphere/species/habitat/vegetation regulation are physical, they have an absolute value that something such as money will never have.