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Speak Truth to Power

Speaking uncomfortable truths to power is a noble act; particularly when one’s own government would deprive its citizens of access to vital facts necessary to arrive at an informed opinion on government policy regarding issues that impact the environment on which all of us ultimately depend. David Suzuki is model citizen of whom all Canadians should be proud.

Criminoil industry

How can one be guilty of denunciating the ones responsible for knowingly harming people, both directly and indirectly, against the many advices of individuals, groups, some politicians and many notorious scientists and nobel prizes, on all continents through many generations, voluntarily ignoring the signs visible everyday either in the media or directly out their own door?

How can one ever be guilty of defending public health over economic health, or society profit over private profit, or preserving resources over wasting them, or saving life over killing it?

How can one ever be guilty of that by only speaking out loud with knowledge, logic, proofs, wisdom, caringness and population support?

Oil–> Transport, Electricity–>
1) C02 and 10x stronger or so CH4 in air–> Global Warming–> Draughts, Hurricanes, Floods–> Lost crops, forests, homes–> CO2 fixing potential lost, Starvation, Diseases, More ressources/energy needed
2) C02 and 10x stronger or so CH4 in air–> Global Warming–> Ice caps and glaciers metling–> Earth natural climate stabilizers lost + massive CH4 release from pergelisoils & ancient ice melt
3) CO2 in water–> Oceans acidification–> Destruction of centennial/millenial coral reefs–> Loss of oceans’filters/pulmons/incubators/biodiversity reservoir–> Food shortage

Oil–> Plastics–>
1)Plastic continent in Pacific ocean–> Contamination of food chain from zooplancton to sea birds to fish to whales–> Poisoning, Destruction of oceans’ biodiversity–> Eventual public health casualties, food shortage
2) Overload of garbage cans with plastics–> Garbage collect more frequent and voluminous + Impossibility for composting–> Costly garbage management + Impossibility for retrieving any value from wastes (we are the only species producing wastes that are impossible for any other species to reuse, all wastes in the living world are useful somewhere in the food chain)
3) Habits of “one use” materials/containers/plates/bags/wrappings/bottles/decorations/or any cheap objects that break fast–> Impossibility for reusing variety of everyday use object–> need for producing again and again theses objects–> Need for resource/energy (=oil) again and again–> Unjustified wasteful costs for society

Oil–> Pigments, Lubricants, Adhesives, Pesticides, Paints, Cosmetics, Soaps, Detergents, Flavours, Perfumes–> Slow poisoning of mankind at the cost of energy/resources waste and + Loss of mankind heritage on how to get all those from living world at the simple cost of understanding the nature and harvesting it.

To the judge : justice has never been about procedures, protocols, interests or laws. It is about judgement and fairness. It is about preserving the greater good, no matter what the law books may say. No matter what strategic move any corporation lawyers can think of. If you are worthy of your title, you won’t need anything of what law school thought you or what advocates can say. Your moral fiber should be enough. And if you still think the corporations are in their right, well, I’m not a believer but, God, Help us.


David Suzuki breaks through the many lies that are spread throughout our culture to make us believe that we must choose economic health over the environment. We can have both. Looking clearly at the facts, with a value for human dignity and life, shows us beyond doubt that the current path is very dangerous, harmful to us and unsustainable. We can switch direction and improve quality of life, as well as our environment, by investing in the low-carbon sustainable economy of tomorrow. Fossil fuels have many alternative uses that do not involve dumping carbon pollution into the atmosphere, such as petrochemicals, and should be used far more wisely if indeed we consider them to be precious – so that we save the climate, oceans and air pollution and don’t scrape the barrel dry. This is the way forward. Blindness to reality hurts us – the truth sets us free, and allows us to consider whole new alternatives. In this new reality, it is inspiring to see someone with real conviction and vision.

True Environmentalist

Let me put my opinion intro a slight hypothetical script. If I had a brain tumour and the head doctor for brain surgery said I need to take out that tumour or you will die. I wouldn’t hesitate to follow his advice because I trust his education, I trust his opinion, I trust that in his position of knowledge he has my absolute best interest in mind. If David Suzuki tells me that in order to sustain living in this breathe taking country of ours, we must change our ways, then I trust he is telling the truth. It would take a very unstable mentally affected person to put himself through the tolls David has put himself through in order to stand up for our rights, David I believe is as sane as sane can be. So come on Canada lets get behind him!
Dennis Carmichael