Fort McMurray is our Mordor

While I spent 6 years in the Oil Sands in Fort McMurray I went from a money/oil loving worker to feeling like I was personally helping destroy the world. From spills (unreported) to poisonous gas releases to watching coke dust blow into the river, which is the local drinking water. I can not properly describe the extent of the natural disaster that is The Oil Sands. If people really knew what was happening there, they would be calling on the Government and UN to clean this up. This is the greatest crime I have ever been witness to. I couldn’t live with myself. I was sick for what I had left my children and their children. I have worked for Syncrude, Suncor, Shell, Petro Canada, and Imperial oil. The only project I felt was trying to make improvements was Esso plant at Kearl Lake, however, this refinery was just being built and was not running at the time. I can never take back the work I have done, but I sure can work towards a better future. And that is my promise to this planet and all species living on it.