Hiding real solutions and answers from the public

In the early 1980s Suzuki did a ‘Nature of Things’ program about Alternative Energy where he mentioned a Canadian company that had converted a vehicle to run on ammonia fuel. The technology whereby we could convert all hydrocarbons into NH3, urea, char and other chemicals at source instead of dealing with the emissions after combustion was verified by several IEEE reports and a National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Report. While Dr. Suzuki has privately encouraged the technology he has not said anything about it in public for thirty years. HOWEVER, in a 2012 IEEE Report, called the “Dual Fuel Strategy” it was confirmed the technology had been first identified in 1967 and again in 1980 IEEE Reports, and the authors were confounded that while the technology was widely known in the scientific community it was very unusual that industry and government did not know about it. Dr. Suzuki spent the last thirty years building foundations and complaining about the problem, while hiding known solutions he has known about.

Hydrofuel NH3 powered 1981 Chev Impala

Ammonia / Diesel Dodge Truck

The Dual Fuel Strategy summary and references

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