Thank you for your words of honesty.

As a person of today’s CONVENIENCE, I have committed the WORST crime against my planet!!!! For my own convenience, I have polluted the world by supporting toxic companies, through my purchasing power.

At first my actions were due to ignorance….the not knowing of what was really happening.

NOW I/WE KNOW!!!!! and I am still purchasing items that are harmful to the environment for my own convenience!!!!

It’s faster to shop,
I buy into society’s belief that wealth is about money & belongings….

I am unwilling to take the time to provide for myself; ie travel, growing my own food; making my own clothing; utilizing all that I harvest; creating a self sustaining living environment……

I am not ready to go back 100%….and I am working to live as a better steward to our mother Earth!!!! I will use recycled materials as often as possible.