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Speak Truth to Power

Speaking uncomfortable truths to power is a noble act; particularly when one’s own government would deprive its citizens of access to vital facts necessary to arrive at an informed opinion on government policy regarding issues that impact the environment on which all of us ultimately depend. David Suzuki is model citizen of whom all Canadians should be proud.


David Suzuki breaks through the many lies that are spread throughout our culture to make us believe that we must choose economic health over the environment. We can have both. Looking clearly at the facts, with a value for human dignity and life, shows us beyond doubt that the current path is very dangerous, harmful to us and unsustainable. We can switch direction and improve quality of life, as well as our environment, by investing in the low-carbon sustainable economy of tomorrow. Fossil fuels have many alternative uses that do not involve dumping carbon pollution into the atmosphere, such as petrochemicals, and should be used far more wisely if indeed we consider them to be precious – so that we save the climate, oceans and air pollution and don’t scrape the barrel dry. This is the way forward. Blindness to reality hurts us – the truth sets us free, and allows us to consider whole new alternatives. In this new reality, it is inspiring to see someone with real conviction and vision.


David Suzuki has been at the forefront of preserving our beautiful and irreplaceable climate for as long as I can remember. How can we accuse him for speaking the truth? We ARE at fault. And he’s correct on all counts. It’s time to change.

Here’s a song I wrote about saving our oceans. If we lose them, we lose everything. This world runs on symbiosis, and we’re not fulfilling our end…

David Suzuki deserves respect, not only publicly, but by LISTENING to what he is telling us, and TAKING ACTION. NOW.

Do it. Now.
Orion Miller

Earth Leaders

David Suzuki echos the truth that resounds within all people, not just Canadians . He has the wisdom and credibility to unite all humans for the sake of the only thing that truly matters. We are not bargain chips for profit. The oceans, the soil and the sky are not replaceable. Our relationship to the environment has become parasitic, and if we do not follow the example of those who choose to be an instrument for change, our disharmony will only deepen into chaos. Lead by example. Thank you David Suzuki.